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I'm 25 year old working woman who developed BED in recovery from anorexia.  I'm working on re-establishing a healthy balance with food, exercise, and my life. 
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SparkPeople Bootcamp Update!

Last week I blogged about my new SparkPeople 28 Day Bootcamp video: I’ve really enjoyed the video.  I think this workout is great...

Who’s Going To Build Me My Own Arc De Triomphe?

Seriously, I kinda feel like Napoleaon and I kinda feel like I need an Arc De Triomphe . Okay that’s not the most flattering picture...

How To Beat The Blahs

I’ve been having a hard time working up motivation to blog or read blogs or spend time on the internet when I get home.  After being on a...

Let’s get Physical!

One thing I’ve been consistent about (despite my lingering tendencies to binge) is exercise.  Purchasing my personal mini elliptical has been...

Weekend Review

I know it’s already hump day but I was sick Monday and Tuesday with little energy to blog.  So I did lots of sleeping.  But I had a fantastic...

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