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franklin, Tennessee
I specializes in digestion, nutrition and is a certified colon hydrotherapist. I work with clients on uncovering why they have digestion issues. My goal is to help you get to the problem and work to get them corrected.  I has been a promoter of colon hydrotherapy for over 4 years and... Full Bio
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Eat like How?

Design your Food to Fit your Day Do you think about what you are going to wear daily, or how you want/ or dont want to look at the gym? We all...

How to get those Pomegranate Seeds out!

I love pomegranate seeds and although they are fun to pop the seeds and squirt the juice at my kids, I knew there was a cleaner way. I wouldn’t...

Crazy Sexy Kitchen Book Giveaway

Please enjoy this video Green Juice from Addi and I , see below how to win a copy of Crazy Sexy Kitchen, Autographed by Chef Chad Sarno. Such an...

Addison’s Nut butter Balls

Ok if you are an exact recipe person this will not be your recipe. It was made by my 5 yr old with my help. Addi always wants to make...

Music Monday

In our family we are very musically diverse as I have said before. One minute we might be listening to Michael Hedges play guitar, Reba or in...

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