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Sydney, Australia
I am a SAFM to my daughters Emily 9 and Violet 4. Violet was born with a few health conditions that keep me very busy!
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Nov 26 2012 by mohamed Sami
i would appreciate any info that you can help me with, thank u very much
Nov 26 2012 by mohamed Sami
so i just want to know if i am on the right track , as i don't to take  a wrong decision that will affect him later on, especially that some doctors said that electrical stimulation might increase spasticity later on, he was sitting up unassisted by 6 and a half to seven months, sorry for the disturbance. thanks
Nov 26 2012 by mohamed Sami

dear sara, 

I am Mohamed Sami from Egypt, my son was diagnosed with mild right side hempilegia at 5 months he moves his right hand but does not use to hold stuff or reach for them , he recently started pointing his hands towards objects with his right hand but can,t grasp things, he has been having functional nerve stimulation for 3 months and as i said he is reaching for objects now when they are only on his right side, dr's in egypt are not that good and i cant afford to travel abroad , 

Feb 14 2010 by Georgeveezy
maybe i can tell you some helpful things about what i can and cannot do.. how its easy to ajust with etc...
Feb 14 2010 by Georgeveezy
ya know this sounds crazy for me personally to talk about this, and online even crazier.. i was searching on google " can surgery fix right- sided hemipaligia?" because im a male thats 21 years of age with right side hemipaligia