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Crisp new website for Phoenix Homeopathy clinic

With a background in law (I’m a former...

Homeopathy helps multiple sclerosis patient

It won’t satisfy sceptics who require double-blind placebo trials before they’re convinced, but have a read of this MS patient’s experience...

Homeopathy works for animals on the farm

I don’t often reproduce entire articles available elsewhere in full, but this personal account of using homeopathy to help livestock is...

Press reports UK GPs to receive £27,000 bonus for delivering swine flu vaccines

Oh dear:  it can’t be good for patients if doctors have such a massive financial incentive to immunise, can it?  Here’s the story....

Swine flu statistics

A full-page question and answer article this week (Protect yourself from swine flu) in popular UK magazine Closer announced that ‘hundreds...

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