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Sydney, Australia
I am a SAFM to my daughters Emily 9 and Violet 4. Violet was born with a few health conditions that keep me very busy!
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Shunt Blockage

Little Violet has been in hospital since Friday after not being well at all since Wednesday. She has been vomiting,  extremely lethargic and not...

Botox Clinic

This morning Violet had Botox Clinic. Today she again had her elbow/arm/hand targeted and for the first time she had injections to her...

Ending weaning

Well Violet is into her final week of weaning off Epilim and you will be glad to hear all is going well still and the best news is that she hasn't...

Dental & Orthotist Appointments

This morning Violet had her dental review and all went well besides having to hold her down for the examination. She will have an x-ray of her...


Today Violet finished Term 1 of Year 1. She took part in the Easter Hat Parade again but this year was extra special as this time last year...

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mohamed Sami wrote on Sarah's Whiteboard. Nov 26 2012
mohamed Sami wrote on Sarah's Whiteboard. Nov 26 2012
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Nov 26 2012 by mohamed Sami
i would appreciate any info that you can help me with, thank u very much
Nov 26 2012 by mohamed Sami
so i just want to know if i am on the right track , as i don't to take  a wrong decision that will affect him later on, especially that some doctors said that electrical stimulation might increase spasticity later on, he was sitting up unassisted by 6 and a half to seven months, sorry for the disturbance. thanks
Nov 26 2012 by mohamed Sami

dear sara, 

I am Mohamed Sami from Egypt, my son was diagnosed with mild right side hempilegia at 5 months he moves his right hand but does not use to hold stuff or reach for them , he recently started pointing his hands towards objects with his right hand but can,t grasp things, he has been having functional nerve stimulation for 3 months and as i said he is reaching for objects now when they are only on his right side, dr's in egypt are not that good and i cant afford to travel abroad , 


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