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I was diagnosed in January of 2001 with systemic lupus at the age of 26. Determined not to let a chronic illness dictate my plans for the future, I refused to admit that my busy lifestyle and indomitable attitude were hindering my chances for a long, productive life. After four years of running my... Full Bio
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GUEST POST: Benlysta Part 1: My journey to Benlysta

Benlysta Part 1: My journey to Benlysta, by Guest Blogger Patty Richey I am thrilled to have friend, fellow lupus patient and health blogger,...

New Lupus book on the market: Fabulupus: How to be young, successful, and fabulous (with lupus)

I am so excited to announce a brand new lupus book on the market. It just hit the shelves last month, and was co-authored by two young women,...

'Tis the season for free copies of Despite Lupus it is!

A few weeks ago, the print shop I use for my books made a small mistake. I ordered a new run of Despite Lupus books, so I would have plenty of...

The rules of the lupus game - Coulda done it later, Woulda done it better, Shoulda rested instead!

This time of year always puts my daily afternoon nap to the test. With dozens of things to get done, and just four (make that now three)...

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