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I was diagnosed in January of 2001 with systemic lupus at the age of 26. Determined not to let a chronic illness dictate my plans for the future, I refused to admit that my busy lifestyle and indomitable attitude were hindering my chances for a long, productive life. After four years of running my... Full Bio
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New Lupus Study for Lupus Nephritis - Think your lupus kidneys would be interested?

I just heard about a new lupus study being conducted, and I thought I'd share. It's targeted toward lupus nephritis , or kidney involvement and...

Staying sun-safe this summer: with or without LUPUS!

Several weeks ago, the folks at Baylor College of Medicine sent the following article to me. I thought the middle of summer was...

Shannon Boxx and lupus - An anomaly on the field, and an advocate we're so happy to have!

I had the pleasure of hearing Shannon Boxx speak a few years ago at an annual LFA Gala. She was impressive back then, and now with her fourth (and...

23andMe Lupus Study - consider another Lupus patient's sample on its way!

Thanks, Lupus Research Institute, 23andMe, and Pfizer for heading up the Lupus Research Study. I've registered, I've spit, I've sent. Now on to...

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