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I was diagnosed in January of 2001 with systemic lupus at the age of 26. Determined not to let a chronic illness dictate my plans for the future, I refused to admit that my busy lifestyle and indomitable attitude were hindering my chances for a long, productive life. After four years of running my... Full Bio
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Living Well with Lupus: An Iterative process

I'm still learning.  I'm still learning how to take care of myself. I'm still learning how to make good decisions.  And I'm still learning how...

Solving my lupus sleeping dilemma the only way I know how: via a spreadsheet!

It's time to break out the chronic control spreadsheet . (Silent squeal of joy!) As many of you know, I find great value (and solace) in...

The First Hair Cut after Hair Loss: The AFTER

When I was eight years old, my older sister took me up the street to our “hair dresser” (the older lady who cut hair out of her house), to get...

Lupus fatigue: How to respond when your kids have heard it a thousand times

This summer, the girls and I were creatures of habit. Every other weekday, we'd drive over to the pool around 11am. We'd swim a little, eat a...

Lupus hair loss: making the most of the moss

I am thrilled to say that the hair I've lost due to last year's flare is growing back. Hurray! I have a very nice layer of hair all over my...

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