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I was diagnosed in January of 2001 with systemic lupus at the age of 26. Determined not to let a chronic illness dictate my plans for the future, I refused to admit that my busy lifestyle and indomitable attitude were hindering my chances for a long, productive life. After four years of running my... Full Bio
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Your Brain on Sleep: Research on my favorite subject from my favorite school!

A couple of professors at my alma mater, The University of Notre Dame, have been busy delving into the secrets of the sleeping brain, and I love...

A good doctor vs. a great doctor. Mine qualifies as the latter!

My last doctor's appointment was a fun one. Not only because my rheumatologist and I took this selfie - his first selfie EVER...can you believe...

Welcome back, Pillbags!

After a week or two of some seriously low inventory on the Pillfold website, (no Sebastian OR Bordeaux ? I mean, come on!), I'm happy to...

Little changes, big difference: making lupus better!

Over the summer, I decided to make three itty bitty changes to my daily routine, in an attempt to make the Lupus part of my life run a little more...

LFA confirms Plaquenil pricing return to normal. And not a moment too soon!

I'm happy to share the most recent press release from the Lupus Foundation of America on the status of the price hike/shortage of the generic form...

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