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Hi I'm Sara. I'm just a gal who's unwillingly entered early perimenopause. I muddle my way through frustrations and solutions and I'm looking for your support to get me though it! Who I am: part-time a creative director in a hospital for children with disabilities. Full-time graphic designer,... Full Bio
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How to Buy Car Seat Covers

Whether you have a new car or just want your current vehicle to look good for years, car seat covers can be a smart purchase. They protect car...

How to Choose a Car Rack or Carrier

A car rack is primarily used to transport bikes and other outdoor equipment, although a roof rack can be used to secure a wider assortment...

How to Change a Car Battery

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How to Use Guard Dogs on the Sims 3 Pets (PC)

Dogs also have a very important function in a household. Dogs can be Guard Animals, and help to protect Sims and their Sim property. Steps...

How to Customize a Car

Customizing a car runs the gamut from adding simple accessories such as wheel covers to more extensive modifications, such as lowering the...
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