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Let Sleeping Pugs Lie: lupus naps and how to take one

Now that you've had a chance to digest the sleep article from Monday's post , I thought I'd give you a little more motivation to get that extra...

Pre-Thanksgiving Day Maddness! Take 30% of your Pillfold Colina purchase.

  Hey - if #WalMart can do it, so can Sara Gorman's Pillbags! We're starting our #blackfriday savings early this year. Starting today, take...

The Power of Sleep: my new favorite article on one of my favorite things.

Sleep, as you know, is critical for me. I need a lot of it, and at specific times during the day. It's paramount for my health and...

OTC bottles in the Pillpouch? You betcha!

I love hearing from Despite Lupus readers. It always reminds me that I'm not crazy for feeling the way I do, or for fretting about the things I...

Wanna Plank?

Several of you have recently asked about my exercise regimen and whether or not I have one. Indeed, I do have a weekly workout routine, and your...

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