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Versatile Blogger Award Nomination - Thank you, Hannah, at Floraful!

Thanks so much for the nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award, Floraful ! I appreciate the shout out, and am so glad to join you in the...

Spending my time wisely

Yesterday, I'd set aside 30-45 minutes after my nap to write today's blog post. But instead of writing, I chose to spend that time talking to...

Surgery, Strep, and Stroke. Busy week for the ladies in my life!

This past week has been a busy one. Last Friday, Bernadette, my 4-year old, went in for a much anticipated surgery to remove her...

War on household items: putting my lupus joints at ease.

Why is this bottle of jelly my new nemesis?   Because it's so hard to use! This squeezable bottle of jelly and I had it out earlier...

Empowering words to get me through Lent. Easter Sunday, here I come!

Wednesday, February 18th marked the the beginning of Lent, which is the forty day period before Easter. During the Lenten season, it's customary...

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May 24 2010 by Dreamweaver1019

Where does it stop, the eating that is, while taking a prescription of this monster, Prednisone.

Got any answers??  Love to hear something positive about it.


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