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Your chance to support a great cause - VEDA t-shirts are calling your name!

Remember my friend Marissa over at ? She did the fantastic 12-12-12  Project, asking me to participate as one of the  featured...

The Traveling Pillfold - Finding a soul mate at the zoo!

The girls and I traveled to Indiana last week to visit grandma and grandpa - and we decided to pay a visit to our furry friends at the...

Celebrities with lupus: the list keeps growing!

Check out one of  the latest list of celebritie s who have bravely come forward to talk about the fact that they have lupus. Thanks to each one of...

Which doctor to consult? Learning how to manage lupus symptoms and get results!

My rheumatologist is good at a lot of things. He manages my lupus care tremendously well. He’s proactive in his treatment, aggressive, but not...

#pillfoldtrending #bordeauxthenewtopseller #thankyourosie

Just a wee bit excited about Rosie O'Donnell talking up my pillbags on Twitter. She took great photos of her Bordeaux Pillfold . Don't her meds...

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May 24 2010 by Dreamweaver1019

Where does it stop, the eating that is, while taking a prescription of this monster, Prednisone.

Got any answers??  Love to hear something positive about it.


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