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Introducing the New Pillbag Runway Series: Fall 2014 #pillorganizersrock

New Season. New Colors. New Pillfolds! This fall, I'm excited to launch a new line of Pillbags – the Pillbag Runway Series. With the...

Book Review: "The Lupus Encyclopedia", by Dr. Donald E. Thomas Jr.

Since the LFA DMV's Annual Maryland Summit is tomorrow, I thought it would be a perfect time to share my glowing review of Dr. Donald Thomas' new...

"Switching off" autoimmunity. Can you imagine the possibilities for lupus!?!

An exciting break though in the world of auto-immune diseases! I'm pleased to share the following articles with you - both sent to me by a couple...

Lupus: knowledge is power; sleep is prodigious!

"If at first you don't succeed...maybe you shouldn't try again. At least not for awhile." Remember how I was going to try a little...

Finding flexibility in a lupus lifestyle. How far can you go?

"To push, or not to push, that is the question." At least, that seems like it's the question. I've been feeling absolutely, positively fabulous...

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May 24 2010 by Dreamweaver1019

Where does it stop, the eating that is, while taking a prescription of this monster, Prednisone.

Got any answers??  Love to hear something positive about it.


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