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Cameron, Texas
I am a rancher, Mom, scientist, local and home-grown food fan. I love music, gardening and my favorite stress-relief is tie-dye. My biggest goal is to be able to support my family solely through ranching with integrity. Visit me at my blog; or at our ranch;... Full Bio
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Heart Health requires fatty acids and B-12

A vegan lifestyle may increase the risk of developing blood clots and atherosclerosis, according to an article in Science News.  After a review of...

What’s in a (calf) name?

One of my favorite parts of raising cattle is naming.  Every animal born on our property gets a name, even if we know at birth that its destiny is...

A few thoughts on food safety

The recent recall of commercial eggs has led to lots of questions about food safety. Unprecedented numbers of people, many of them new to farmer’s...

Has Agriculture Lost the Middle Ground?

I’ve seen a number of articles, blogs, etc. lately in the animal ag press encouraging producers to stand up verbally to attacks on the industry by...

Inspiration and Enthusiasm

One of the “perks” of participating in farmer’s markets is that I get a healthy dose of contemplation time on the drives to and from the markets...
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Oct 14 2008 by Lela D.
Hi, I'm Lela, moderator for the Healthy Eating groups. I hope you'll poke around and find a great new recipe, important nutritional news, or just inspiration to make the healthy choice. We're all in this together, so share your tips too! Can't wait to hear from you, Lela


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