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Health Maven's Answer
you need to consult your doctor, and probably stay off it... you will only risk... more
Nov 23 2011 5:26am
Take him to a doctor. While it could be a bad sprain, he may have pulled/torn/injured... more
Nov 23 2011 5:25am
Many people have a small gluten or dairy allergey and dont even know it. Its actually... more
Nov 23 2011 5:22am
I have tons of free information about healthy living, eating, and exercise, including... more
Nov 23 2011 4:52am
I agree, the Daily Plate is a great option, especially if you are just starting out. If... more
Nov 23 2011 4:51am
if it is larger than an eraser on a pencil, you should have it checked out by a health... more
Nov 04 2011 5:11am
possibly, I wouldn't really expect "size" but it depends on what you mean by size. A... more
Nov 04 2011 5:04am
you need to seek medical attention immediately. While it may not be anything serio9us,... more
Nov 04 2011 4:57am
IT will probably give her a little upset tummy, but other than that she should be fine.... more
Nov 04 2011 4:53am
Obviously you need to consult a professional. I would suggest working with a trainer... more
Nov 04 2011 4:52am