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Chicago, Illinois
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Wedding Wednesday: Can you ask for cash instead of gifts?

This is a touchy topic… you’re strapped in tough economic times, but you’re guests may feel slighted and insulted by the request for cash, and...

Why I Don’t Endorse “Fat Burning” Diets/Pills/Drinks…

As a fitness professional, I feel it is my duty not only to protect clients, but to speak out against this trend of endorsing products that...

Fashion Friday: Summer Punch

  Summer Punch by sarabostetter featuring platform high heels

The Boot Camp Diaries: Food Journals! -Download your own, free!

As we fly by the halfway point of boot camp, it’s time for another round of torturous food journals! I get a lot of great client feedback from...

Fashion Friday: High On Rebellion

Fashion Friday is all about mix and match, splashes of color, and doing the unexpected. Enjoy our first of many upcoming Friday Polyvore...

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