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Top Scientists Question Swine Flu Vaccine

Another eye-opening article from Dr. Mercola: "What the Inventor of the Flu Shot NOW Thinks of the Vaccine..." “Dr. Anthony Morris, a...

Swine Flu Vaccine (H1N1)

It's being called a pandemic by the World Health Organization and practically every news show is broadcasting about how important it is to get...

Does Merck Mourn for the Casualties of its Business?

The last time I had an opportunity to read and post about Gardasil, 29 deaths had been reported. That number has grown to 39 and more frightening...

An Aside

This post has not one iota of relevance to vaccines, but I have such a heart for this family that I wanted to spread the word any way I could. I...

Questioning Vaccines in a Nutshell

If I could sum up in a concise list some of the reasons I don't have absolute trust in the vaccine program anymore, this is it. I may add to this...

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