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I am Sanjib Sarkar. I am the content manager for I help produce the blog. Our blog is filled with information about Homeopathy, alternative medicine and general health.
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Sanguinaria Canadensis: Blood root of Health

  The homeopathic remedy Sanguinaria Canadensis is made from the Blood Root plant. The fresh root is used. Native Americans took...

Chelidonium Majus: The Liver Detox Remedy

Chelidonium Majus (greater celandine; in Europe tetterwort, although in America the same name refers to bloodroot) is an herbaceous...

Hekla Lava: The Ash That Heals

According to some texts, Hecla or Hekla is the Icelandic word for ‘cloak’, and comes from the German word ‘hexe’, which means ‘witch’....

Abies Nigra: The Gastrointestinal Cure

Abies Nigra is commonly known as black or double spruce. This tree grows in the northern parts of this continent, and in elevated...

Lachesis Mutus: Snake Venom That Heals

    What is Lachesis Mutus? Lachesis mutus is a homeopathic remedy that affects the blood and central nervous system . It is...
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Nov 10 2010 by shahimermaid
I have become addicted to five phos. i consume a handful of tablets daily, because my energy level was very down. I am 35 yrs old.
Oct 29 2010 by samdani
i want to know the homeopathy medicine for commaon diseases like artharities,piles, joint pains ,aspteoorthorities,cough due to allergy
May 27 2009 by ananda
I want to know the actual\proved information about homeo-combo medicine. Pl don't ignore. Thank you.

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