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Sanjay Kapur

Dr. Sanjay Kapur, Scientific Director at ZRT Laboratory in Beaverton, Oregon has strong interests in development of new anti aging testing methodologies and innovative laboratory procedures and conducts research into new applications of clinical laboratory testing at ZRT. He has extensive... Full Bio
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Testing in Serum, Saliva, Urine or Capillary Dried Blood

Serum/Plasma Advantages  ·        Accepted as gold standard testing method by the conventional medical community ·        Wide range of...

Hormones and Skin Wellness

(Authors: Dr. Sanjay Kapur and Margaret Groves) Skin health is a major concern, especially in ageing women, which is very good news for the...

Dr. Sanjay Kapur is putting the spotlight on Dried Blood Spot testing

Click here for my recent interview that was featured on CaribPress Dr. Sanjay Kapur is a scientist with extensive experience in biomedical...

Testosterone and Diabetes

A recent radio interview featuring Dr. Sanjay Kapur Listen to my interview with Daniel Davis on Beyond 50 Radio show where we discussed how...
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