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Sandy H. Healthy Living Professional

I am a former nurse who became interested in natural health remedies, nutrition and detox because of my own health problems that puzzled doctors. I recovered from chronic fatigue with intensive detox and eventually trained in nutritional therapy. I have helped people achieve their health... Full Bio
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Jul 06 2010 by Kelly S.
Hi, have you seen this book by Mary? I am asking because I could not identify any of the women and photos which are posted on her website; on the contrary, some of the photos seem to have other names on other similar websites; I am very reluctant to download the book; many thanks
Apr 27 2010 by Dominic H

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Apr 16 2010 by Gregory P.

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Sep 11 2009 by tanowner

Hi sandy

i would like to get some infor on  detox diet and some menus if possible

May 18 2009 by Bianca D.
Im in need of some help if you can please email me.. Ive been suffering from whats seems like a systematic yeast infection induced by heavy stress if u can plz me at I would really appreciate it..