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Guest post: How breast cancer survivors transcend Middle East conflict

by Ruth Ebenstein  Ruth Ebenstein, Oak Park Temple, July 12, 2015              photo by Matt Baron     I never thought something so...

Bloody Blood Cancer Bitch: Jakafi hath arrived/Cancer Bitch hath, too, in Tampa.

My hematologist filled out the forms and Walgreens filled out the forms and on Monday L rode his bike to Fancy Hospital Walgreens and picked up...


Trail of Tears, brought to you by the US government/Andrew Jackson

Sticker shock shock shock

Jakafi costs $11,000 for a month's supply! My insurance company is supposed to call me. We shall see.

Jakafi, will you save me?

    Today L went w/ me to the hematologist's because I wanted him to be around for the momentous decision. We recounted my itchiness and...

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Nov 19 2009 by Behrouz

Hi Sandi:

I read your article about Essential Thromb., I have same disease and all symtoms. I'm wondering if you have spleen enlargment as well? My question is that how it is possible to stop enlargment of spleen? Have you ever used any herbal medicine or alternative methods for the disease?

Thanks for your help



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