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Dear new and old blog readers, I'm pretty much finished with this blog. I've started two new ones, but haven't yet posted on them. I'll let you...


Sometimes you gasp when you read about a death . It was one of those deaths, and we were in the car, L was driving, and I read an email on my...

Peanut butter--good news/bad news.

So the good news is that eating peanut butter in youth can help keep away breast disease. The bad news is: You're already an adult. Too late. The...

Breast cancer treatment: a progression

This is what a year of treatment looks like--just in time for Breast Cancer Month. We are so lucky, we get a month with 31 whole days. We are...

The danger of not getting BRCA testing

You might think that doctors would recommend BRCA testing to their breast cancer patients who are likely to carry a BRCA mutation. Well, they...

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Nov 19 2009 by Behrouz

Hi Sandi:

I read your article about Essential Thromb., I have same disease and all symtoms. I'm wondering if you have spleen enlargment as well? My question is that how it is possible to stop enlargment of spleen? Have you ever used any herbal medicine or alternative methods for the disease?

Thanks for your help



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