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Westchester, Illinois
Lawyer, wife, sister, friend, daughter, seamstress, wood furniture re-finisher, 100 wpm typist, former angry infertile, fantasizing about a Broadway career...but my favorite title is simply "mama." I have a GOR.GE.OUS 1 year old son from Ethiopia; we return home with him in mid-July of... Full Bio
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New digs

we’ve moved over here We may be shutting down this blog because I may have been successful in my attempts to merge and transfer all the...

New Digs

We’ve moved. Once again. Please join the party over here.

A Week of Thanks — Day 2

I’m thankful for my amazing husband. 9 years ago today (Nov 23) we met in a little artsy coffee shop, named “Common Grounds” in...

A Week of Thanks — Day 1

I’m thankful for my job. I complain about my job…a lot.  But I am very grateful that I have one.  A lot of attorneys in Illinois have been...

Random Sam-ness

My kid is so cute.  So seriously and completely cute. Since Sam wants to wear my hat, I made him this hat He won’t wear it, even...

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