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San Mateo, California
I am from India. I had been a part of the Advertising industry but having gotten tired of meeting deadlines am currently a homemaker (now there seems to be more on my plate to chew :)- anyway that's life and its great when its rocking n rolling. Yoga just happened to me and have been into it since many years, vegetarianism is what I have been following and advocating for the past few years. I have learnt the Art of Living Breathing techniques and meditation and have been practicing the same... Full Bio
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What is meditation?

Meditation is not trying to think of something. Meditation is relaxing deeply. If you are concentrating on a problem, then you are not relaxing....

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I had recently been to the farmer's market and I asked one of the seller whether his produce was organic. He said that they do not use any...

Kelp: 100% iodine, low sodium alternative to salt

Kelp, the wonder gift of the sea. A serving of 1/2 teaspoon provides approximately 6 milligrams of iodine, or 40 times the RDA. Is that safe? It is...
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