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Portland, Oregon
Born in Portland, Oregon, in 1954, lifelong resident, writing, literature, coffee enthusiast.  I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in July of 2007.   
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It seems that for years I have constantly had to press the reset button, return to what is really only history, restore the original, unalterable...

Men at Work

They're always building things here in south Bali. Erecting, improving, modernizing - joining the 21st century. I appreciate that. But the thing...


Well, truly, I had intended to post more here during the holiday season, but, as I turned out, I was sick or the holiday season, and I'm still...

A Christmas Story

When I was very young, time did not exist. Or at least that was so on Christmas Day. There was this Christmas and the next and the next and each...


So I've ended up with a cat. I don't like cats. I was praying for a new laptop or an e-reader, and I got a cat. Did I mention that I don't like...

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