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In the last five years, I have run across seven countries â?? one of them (Germany) twice. In the process of doing so, I have become a transcontinental runner too and have completed more than one hundred ultramarathons (races longer than 26.2 mile marathons). Iâ??ve covered thousands... Full Bio
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Orléans - Océan final day

The epilogue stage today of 24km/15miles was run in groups - mine went a little too fast for my comfort - but we all made it to the finish line in...

Orléans - Océan day 6

With the exception of a final 24km/15mile "epilogue" stage tomorrow, hostilities have now ended and everyone is in a wonderful mood. Today's...

Orléans - Océan day 5

A long (70km = 43.5 miles) and hot (30C = 85F) day. It's not the prettiest stage, but nevertheless some nice bridges and villages to look at...

Orléans - Océan day 4

Another longish (64km = 40 miles) day done for both of us. Claire resumed and completed another ultra, but this time had to deal with back...

Orléans - Océan day 3

The very good news is that Claire is feeling much better, and is even threatening to run again tomorrow. Selfishly, I'm hoping she doesn't, as...

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