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An attempt at a brief yet thorough bio of Mark Manz, the runner: I've been running basically since I could walk. In elementary school I was a nerdy kid who wasn't particularly athletic. In 3rd grade we had to run a timed mile for PE class. Not only did I win, I lapped everyone else in class. I... Full Bio
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Inaugural Rock n Roll Raleigh Marathon race report

ed note… this was originally started back in April. I obviously took a while to finish it… Last weekend I ran the first ever Rock n Roll...

Maybe a new post?

Nah, just kidding. I’m still running. But tonight I’m more drinking than running. I ran some. And the running has been relatively good. The fast...

Hinson Lake 24

I had written up a pretty detailed post, as is my nature, about this past weekend’s 24 hour race around Hinson Lake. I spent a good chunk of...

Hey! I write about stuff!

I have been running. I’ve run a number of races this year that I have not written about because I suck as a blogger. I guess it’s pretty easy to...

Ray K’s South Carolina Last Chance 24 Hour Race

I have another race report to write but I never wrote anything about this so I am going to quick write a recap of this and then move on with my...

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