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I really don't know but there is no relationship between swimming and jogging as... more
Jan 29 2014 12:17am
You should consult with the doctor if you think your problem is big because pain in... more
Jan 29 2014 12:19am
I think you should not think that how much calories you should burn. Just do your daily... more
Jan 29 2014 12:21am
I get headaches or lightheaded sometimes after a long run. Proper hydration and fueling... more
Oct 15 2012 6:20pm
LOVED THE BOOK and like my shoes learning to love them more
Aug 19 2012 12:28pm
That depends on you I am learning to love my vibrams five fingers but I dont think... more
Aug 19 2012 12:31pm
Yes what the doctor said these shoes are of a completely different dynamic break em in... more
Aug 19 2012 12:34pm
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