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Tragedy of the Commons: Revisited by John Lacroix In March 2011, I wrote a post on this blog titled, "Tragedy of the Commons." In that post, I spoke about what the Tragedy of the Commons is and how it relates to both hiking ... Read on »
10Ks in the evening... by marathonmom Last night I ran a local 10K after a crazy late work day I rushed home, jammed some food quickly in my mouth, changed and drove back. As I ran in a at the final second to gr ... Read on »
Running Wild: Team Gore-Tex & the Philadelphia Marathon by irunnerblog On my quest for 50 marathons in 50 states, the Philadelphia Marathon was a no-brainer for knocking Pennsylvania off my list. I signed up a few months ago and pretty much ... Read on »
RACE SPOTLIGHT: Running Wild – The Polar Bear Marathon in Churchill by Vanessa Runs Facebook  Photos and story by Birgit-Cathrin Duval Minus 41C wind chill (-41.8F) and a polar bear alert. Most ultrarunners worry about hitting the wall. If you’re ru ... Read on »
I ran today and I have a dilemma! by kda1114 Yep, I sure did. For the first time in almost 6 weeks, I went for a run. In case you are new here and don't know, I tore my peroneal tendon a couple months ago. I am su ... Read on »
1 mile craziness: 3 sleeps to the Maui Marathon! by {lifeasa}RunningMom I am so ready to run! My legs are feeling so much better and as much as I know I made the decision to cut back to just a mile days this week, I am going crazy. After a mile ... Read on »
New Workout Clothes Rock! by Jill Will Run This post () was published on by Have you ever thought things were just fine, but then when you got a new version or saw your belongings next to something new you re ... Read on »
I talk to myself when I run by Jess I don’t know when the whole talking to myself while running started, but it’s definitely something I do a lot now — especially on long runs. It seems like on short run ... Read on »
The Last Men’s Race? by Mike Antonucci The Men’s 10K in Scotland was canceled due to lack of corporate sponsors. Women’s races, on the other hand, are thriving. There are some who might consider this un ... Read on »
Guess Who Ran Today?!! by pamruns Today was my first attempt at running since my doctor diagnosed my leg pain as a herniated disc. The weather was absolutely perfect for running, and I just felt like ... Read on »