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It’s her birthday and you know it, clap your hands.. by RunnJRun Ok y’all, I’m back. I’ve tried to blog multiple times over the last week but my computer is on it’s last leg and the process was just so slow & painful I gave up. Tha ... Read on »
Ex and Why Running by Alene Nitzky I've been taking a Blogcation lately. I haven't had much exciting to write about, so I took a break. Not intentionally, but it's been kind of a weird time, I've been of ... Read on »
Slacker Day by Mike Antonucci I’ll be honoring the least productive week of the year with posts from the Running Is Funny vault. Will return with new material on Monday, January 5. Read on »
Summing up 2014 by Beth (i run like a girl) This post is brought to you by the letter B and the number 2014. Best run? I'm not sure I'm running often or regularly enough to be able to recall a "best" run... ... Read on »
5 Things Friday by marathonmom 5 Things on my mind after an interesting Christmas. Like I mentioned yesterday we hosted Christmas Eve and planned to spend Christmas day relaxing well by noon I wasn’t movi ... Read on »
Walking Tour of Budapest by Lenka K. As you know, my family is from Slovakia so I've spent a lot of time in Eastern Europe, especially as a child. My family and I traveled a bit around Europe during our trips t ... Read on »
A Perfect Christmas and a Run too. by Christy G. Facebook Merry Christmas a day late!  The kids and I had a fun time Christmas eve delivering Christmas goodies to family and neighbors and singing Christmas Carols in the morning. We ... Read on »
A Year-in-Review Poem for 2014 by RunningForDummies If you are a regular reader of this blog, you probably know I have a penchant for writing silly poems. Two years ago I wrote a new year's resolution poem (that I am quite pr ... Read on »
Merry Christmas! by Mike Antonucci Season’s Greetings to all Running Is Funny readers! Read on »
Merry Christmas by marathonmom I want to wish everyone Merry Christmas and hope you are enjoying the day. After hosting Christmas Eve dinner: Fajitas: black beans zucchini noodles (I love my Spiralizer!) ... Read on »