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Zoo “Run”

Posted Oct 14 2012 4:50pm

Post image for Zoo “Run”

I feel like since I have not been able to run, I have precious little to write about. My life really is fairly predictable and unexciting. Running gave me something to look forward. I never dreamed I’d enjoy it as much as I do, and often I feel so sad that I can’t just throw on my shoes and go.

But today, I do have something to write about. Today was the Zoo Run which, as you know, I decided to walk. I was extremely jealous of those running–although I am happy for all those who busted their behinds to do it. Dan and I walked it pretty quickly. We completed 5.05 miles in 1:12:43, which averages out to 14’24″ per mile. Not a bad pace for a walk, in my opinion, and there was a pretty formidable hill on the course. In fact, Runkeeper told me that I set a new record for biggest elevation climb. So we definitely got our exercise in today.

This is the 32nd year for this run, so I am honestly amazed at how unorganized it was. I expected them to have it down to a science, but when we got there, at 8:30 (the run was supposed to start at 9:00), there was still a very long check-in line. The run started ten minutes late because of the slow check in process. And, it was COLD. Strike that; it wasn’t really cold, but the wind was blowing at about 30mph, which makes 57 degrees feel a bit like the arctic. I had on my (too) light Brooks running jacket, so I was fairly uncomfortable. Dan was wearing a t-shirt only, so we were both doing our best to stay warm while waiting in line.

I have to say that walking races is kind of depressing. Knowing that I could have been one of those runners who was on the way back as I was still on my way to the turn around point was deflating for my ego. And when I got to 50 minutes, I recalled that I had already finished my five mile Apple Jack Run at that point. Double bummer. But, if I want to get on the road to real recovery, I knew I needed to be strong, so I walked the whole thing.

After crossing the finish ‘line’, we grabbed a bottle of water and a bagel and headed to the aquarium and the butterfly house. I took a few pictures. The picture above is the only one from the butterfly house that turned out as well as I hoped. It’s really a toss-up between the aquarium and the butterfly house as to which is my favorite.

A freaky looking spider crab

Sharks swimming overhead

A HUMONGOUS jellyfish

When I first saw this eel, it was standing straight up and down. It looked like a corn stalk from a distance.

Omaha really does have an awesome zoo. If it had been a little warmer today, I totally would have stayed and walked around more, but I was eager to get out of the wind, so we didn’t stay long. If you ever make it to Omaha, the zoo is a MUST-SEE!

On another note, I’ve been emailing back and forth with the running coach who emailed me first. Another of the three finally got back to me, but his email wasn’t very informative. He recommended that I get in touch with a physical therapist. I think I’m better off seeing a doctor first, though. After I get the all clear to start training, I’m going to set up a session with her and get started. I’m so ready!

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