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Zombies for Weight Loss

Posted Nov 23 2012 1:58pm

The “Zombies, Run!” app drives you to run in their immersive storyline.


Technology really has a way with your workout routine. I know that I’ve been trying to find something that will motivate me to run more. I heavily rely on my iphone to give me something that I can use to make the long, arduous run more enjoyable. At first I used the Nike+ app, which was pretty cool if you’re into seeing your running progress. However, I was recently introduced to an app called “Zombies, Run!” for my phone. At first, I was a bit hesitant because it’s an 8$ app (7.99$ USD to be precise), but after some convincing I bought it. This app is literally a game that makes you run from zombies, almost literally. You essentially are a runner who must scavenge and take supplies to survivors in a zombie apocalypse so that they can fortify their base. However, the twist to this is that zombies will be chasing you. The “run” is you, the person, actually running. The game works with your running type and integrates that with the game, making this an interesting mix of a gaming app with a fitness app. The game does utilize the phone’s accelerometer and GPS, which can kill off your batteries very quickly, so it’s best that you have a fully charged phone before you hit the road. The game itself has an immersive plot and the story’s development is dependent on the consistency of your run. It has a bit of a decision making concept that the “Walking Dead” game has, but to a less extreme extent. There’s even an interval-training mode called “Zombie Chases”, which pretty much involves you running like hell if you hear zombies closing in on you through your headphones. Though there are concerns with needing to “buy” more missions for your run despite already needing to pay a relatively steep price for this app, I will say that this app has everything an imaginative runner needs to build up a sweat.


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