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you snooze, you lose.............

Posted Nov 08 2009 10:02pm
Dear fellow runners:
I would like to advise you of something NOT to do in the bloggy/running world.
From my experience, I would suggest, you DON'T blog about your next race/marathon until after you have actually registered for the race/marathon and are an official contestant of that race/marathon. Other wise, if you do not follow my advice, you might find that after your blog post about your upcoming marathon, many friendly and kind comments were left on your behalf. You know.... like, "Good luck" "Wow, your 12Th marathon, amazing" things of this nature. All though the wonderful comments will make you feel like super women at the time, you will find how embarrassed you will feel, when you finally go to register for said race/marathon, and find the race is closed. So please my dear readers/running friends/bloggy Buddies......... take my advice, and register for the race before you inform the WWW, that you will be running X race, and hope for X time. You will save yourself some pouting time, and some serious embarrassment.

***if you have not caught on.... Janice here, blogged about my next race, and then finally after a week and a half, decided to actually register, and found it to be closed. Dang. Dang. Dang!
So whats next you ask?!?! I have no freaking idea. Stay tuned, and when she figures it out, she will blog about it. But not till after she registers..............
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