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You Had My Curiosity, Now You Have My Attention

Posted Dec 26 2012 4:13am


Christmas has always been a holiday I associate with being far too cold, stressful, and disappointing. No, not because of gifts or lack there of. Nothing of that sort… But growing up in a divorced family meant dividing our holidays. Typically school breaks such as Christmas, Easter and summer were the only ones long enough to make a visit down to Dallas to see my dad… Meaning holidays were automatically his most years. I always envied those families that had huge get togethers during the holidays with 50 of their closest family members. That isn’t my family, well… Maybe on the Neitzel side…. That is a newer tradition though…. But, I hope that if I do ever marry, it’s in to “that kind of family” is that terrible? Haha

This year, I really shocked myself. I truly embraced the holiday spirit. I bought a real tree for my dinky little apartment. I baked cookies and gave them to my neighbors. I caught myself singing random christmas songs on several occasions. I embraced shopping for gifts for my family and friends… I looked forward to Christmas Day for the first time in my entire life.

I can’t quite pin point what it was exactly, but there was something very peaceful about this Christmas. Maybe it’s the fact that it was just 4 adults on Christmas morning. Meaning no one felt the need to wake up at 6am and make everyone else get out of bed. Maybe it was that none of us had any real expectations. Maybe when I wrote that post about my engagement last year, I wasn’t kidding with the title “and her heart grew three sizes that day”

Whatever the sudden change in my feelings toward the holidays, I welcome it with open arms.

I was stunned when I woke up this morning and went to take beckham outside, only to discover it was snowing!!!! In Texas!!!! And actually sticking to the ground. It was a beautiful thing to see, and really set in all the magic that seemed to have been missing from the whole “Christmas as an adult without children” thing :) :) :) it put a huge grin on my face. Beckham loved it, too. Running and jumping through the snow is his favorite.


Every Christmas since I was a little girl… Seriously as far back as I can remember… My dad has taken us to see a movie Christmas afternoon. It’s probably the only actual Tradition my entire family has. I know that when/if I ever start my own family it’s a tradition I plan to carry on. It’s by far the best part of Christmas Day, each year.

This year was no different, and there was absolutely no question as to what movie we were going to see. It was unanimous. Django Unchained. I can not say enough, just how awesome this movie was. I highly recommend it to any Quentin Tarantino fan!! Of course, just like all of his films, it is not for the faint of heart or easily offended. (If you’re wondering, thats where the title to this post is from) But my gosh is it an incredible story. Plus, Jamie Foxx dressed like a cowboy?? Yum! ;)


It shames me to say this, because I hate him (for reasons I don’t even have…. I blame the Titanic. Hurrrrl) but Leo was pretty drool worthy looking all rich and fancy in his burgundy suit, as well ;)


It was such a comfortable and relaxing holiday. I spent the evening reading and thinking about how much love is in my life. I may not be engaged anymore… But I have so many great people and so much love surrounding me all the time, that I never really SAW before. I am so thankful that 2012 has helped open my eyes.

I promise to return to your regularly scheduled running and fitness related posts tomorrow. Enough with the sentimental crap. I’m sure you’re all over it ;)

How was your Christmas?? What was the best part? Did you get anything ZOMG awesome?

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