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You are only one run away from a good mood. and a winner!

Posted Jun 10 2013 11:11am
You are only one run away from a good mood. So true.  I feel like I am one good run away from a good mood.   I am CRAVING a run like a crack addict deprived.  I see open roads and I can almost feel me running down them.  I see my running shoes and I want to hug them to me as if I could absorb some endorphins from them somehow.

It has been 36 days since the last time I went for a "real" run.  9 miles, lots of hills, sweating, loving it.  36 days.  It was also the run that tipped the scales and pushed my leg over the edge.  Not so smart. I knew that day, my leg had a niggle.  I knew I should probably take it easy, but I craved a good run. 

36 days since I had to give up running forever.  Cold turkey.

All right maybe that was a bit dramatic, but 36 days of no real running feels a bit like forever especially when I really thought if I gave it two weeks I would be better.  I may have to break down and go to PT or something.  I really didn't think it was going to take this long to get better.

Miss Zippy shared this article on Facebook this morning that confirmed what I was guessing.  I  at this point am in the 19% loss of my VO2 max and am losing significant muscle power.   Hard not to be a little depressed about that...

If that isn't motivation for getting this problem taken care of I don't know what is.  Anyone have an extra quad I can transplant to my right leg?

Quad strain doesn't seem to be a super common runner problem.  In fact I saw somewhere it is less than 1% of all runner injuries every year. It is hard to find very much on it.  I found a guide to runner injuries and it wasn't on the list.  Although there is another blogger with the same problem, so nice to know I am not alone.

I am going to air up my bike tires and take it for a super easy spin this morning.  Hopefully I can at least do that.  I hate this not running shit, but I am going to suck it up and pretend I like other things too.

and the winner of the Paleo book is....

Jen from Running with the Girls shoot me an email at bugs2001rn at yahoo dot com with your address and I will get that sent to you this week. 

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