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You Are Beautiful and Broccoli Bouquets

Posted Jul 20 2011 12:00am

A few random mini posts today:

- Someone wrote ‘you are beautiful’ on the water fountain at Lloyd Hall up by Boathouse Row. That person could have wrote something really mean. Instead they wrote something positive and uplifting for everyone walking, running, biking, even rollerblading by, who are working hard and sweating it out. It makes me smile every time I see it.

- It is hot out. I mean blistering hot. I’ve been very sluggish and slow on my runs lately. I’ve been sleeping through my speed workouts and making up the miles on slow runs in the evenings. For a few weeks I thought this might be because I am overtraining. Maybe I should be splicing in a few weeks of decreased mileage to give myself a break (okay, I know I should be doing this). Or maybe its the heat that’s getting to me. Since when is 7 days in a row of mid-90s, if not 100 degree temperatures, a common occurrence? Common in the sense of: this has happened more than once this summer already! Its too bad I hate the treadmill because then I would actually get away from some of this insufferable weather. Until then I’ll just continue perfecting my awesome shorts tan!
My broccoli bouquet

- I’ve been overkill on the broccoli this week. It’s only Wednesday and I’ve gone through 6 stems already and bought 3 more for tomorrow. I also got really pissed when I found out Mike ate the entire pre-chopped bag we got Sunday at TJs. I guess there are worse things to be obsessed with. Do you think Mike would mind if I carried broccoli down the aisle instead of flowers?
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