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Yogi Stretches & Foggy Runs

Posted Jan 30 2013 11:27am

To be clear, there were two factors that inspired my 60-minute living room workout on Tuesday morning.

1. Physical pain. Four morning runs in a row — including a 6-miler — resulted in inevitably achy shins (so, I guess that whole thing’s still an issue).

2. Physical pain. My return to the office has given me a serious case of back spasms. A massage therapist I once interviewed called it something cute, like work-a-saurous-rex. Or something. Either way, my neck and back (upper left corner, to be exact) have been killing me lately, and there was nothing I wanted more on Tuesday morning than to stretch it all out with a bit of yogi breathing.

Aside from the usual suspects (re: 80′s-inspired ab videos and Core Fusion fun), I tested out the following two yoga sequences from New York’s own gorgeous guru, Tara Stiles. Like I mentioned last week (and maybe the week before?) I have been seriously digging her 7-10 minute flows.

Tara Stiles: Hard Core Yoga Routine

Picture 1

Some of Tara’s core-centric videos tend to focus too much on crunches and the likes. This one incorporated far more planks and traditional yoga poses than usual, which I really enjoyed.

Okay, so I had major location envy (my apartment does not, unfortunately, look like this zen urban rooftop). Either way, I’d definitely recommend this one if you’re looking for a sequence that blends vigorous poses with restful breaks.

Tara Stiles: Morning Yoga for Flexibility

Picture 3

This speedy video was like a 7-minute stretch-a-thon. Morning workout lover? Then you’ll adore this.

Then came Wednesday.

This morning, I was up and ready for action after a night of far too little sleep (major life decisions and such; oh how I hate being an adult).

While I didn’t have all the time in the world, I did manage to squeeze in 30 minutes outdoors, where I soaked in the warm, somewhat muggy winter air. The route took me up to the Queensboro Bridge and home. Simple. To the point. Just what I needed.


It was incredible outside this morning, fog engulfing everything in its sight.


Anywho, that’s it from me today. This week is pretty straight forward in terms of healthful meals…


…and delicious, quick runs.


As for all other aspects, well, I can’t say the same. Life can be unexpected at times, but at least I know I’ve got the antidote.

  • Super, insane foggy morning runs. Yay or nay? 
  • Have you checked out any of Tara Stiles’ videos yet? Like or hate?

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