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YogaWorks Hip-Opening Flow with Kia Miller on YogaVibes

Posted Dec 03 2012 6:11am

After my long run of 4 miles on Saturday, my hips were feeling it.  I needed some yoga desperately.  With my new December goal of trying to save money, I decided to turn to YogaVibes because they were amazing and gave me a free year membership!  I’m still working on a review for them.  I am making sure that I really fully get the experience with YogaVibes  and try as many videos as I can before I complete it.

Last night, I found the YogaWorks Hip-Opening Flow with Kia Miller .  The class seemed to start off slow but I knew that it was the just warm up.  Soon the class sped up and my muscles started to heat up.  I could feel the hip-opening but I wouldn’t say this was as good as some of the other hip-opening classes I’ve taken.  However, the class was filmed well and the sound quality was good.  I never had a problem trying to figure out what move I was supposed to be doing.

I was very proud of myself though for doing an hour practice at home.  I tend to do shorter practices at home because it can be difficult for me to make the time (notice I didn’t say find the time) or to find a class I like to do at home.  It’s strange because I can do an hour and a half class in a studio and wish it were longer!  There is just something about being surrounded by a group of people working towards the same goal that makes it easier to practice.  On the flip side, I tend to push myself more when I’m at home because I’m more comfortable failing.

Last night I pushed myself.  Usually in class when we are asked to do wheel pose-I do bridge pose.  In this class, I started with bridge pose for the first round but then I decided to give wheel pose a try.

Well, I did it!  I am pretty sure I wasn’t breathing but who needs to breathe, right?!  Just kidding of course-breathing is one of the most important pieces of yoga of course.  Next time, I’ll have to work on focusing on my breath so that I can fully get the benefit of this pose, but this was a start.  I love how each day, I am improving my practice!

After the class was done, I continued and did a few poses that are my favorite hip-openers…happy baby, fire log pose, cow face pose, and of course-pigeon pose.  One yoga class done for the first week of December.  I am determined to meet ALL of my December goals since I didn’t meet all of my November goals !


Do you find it more difficult to workout for longer periods of time at home?

I love being in a yoga studio for the longer classes.  I get inspired and feel the motivation of the others around me.  I also like the more intense workouts in a group too.  When we did the Healthworks Workplace Warrior personal training with Heidi , I got my butt kicked and felt amazing after.  I never could have done that workout with my ladies right there with me!

Do you push yourself more at home or in the classroom environment?  Does it depend on what type of class you are taking?

When I do track workouts I need my girls to help push me.  In a marathon, I like to run alone and push myself to what I think my body needs because I know that in distances like that my body reacts different than a friend’s will.  When I’m doing a bootcamp-esque workout I really like to have others there.  It helps push me to get a workout done that I might not otherwise get done.

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