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YogaVibes Core Fusion Barre at the Chicago Exhale Spa

Posted Dec 29 2012 6:22am

I woke up yesterday with the intention to going to Bikram Yoga in Harvard at 8 am.  The only problem was that my stomach was not feeling well and I felt really dehydrated.  This is not a good idea for going to an intense 90 minute Bikram session.  Instead, I slept in a bit and then met up with a girlfriend for coffee and brunch.

On my way home I stopped in  Salonika  to see if they had any hair appointments.  I have been needing a haircut for a long time now.  I didn’t get one before because I was hoping my  Heatlhworks Workplace Warrior  team would get first place which meant a free cut and style.  Unfortunately, even though we had a lot of fun while working out hard, we got first runners up.  I had let enough time pass by that I really needed a cut. and lucky for me-Salonika had an open appointment in 2 hours.  I thought, “Perfect!  I’ll try to squeeze in a workout and then get my hair cut!”

I have been dying to go to a barre class but I didn’t have time to make it to any studio that I have deals for.  My solution was to turn to YogaVibes and found the  Core Fusion Barre  with John Nelson.  This class was actually filmed at  Exhale Spa  where I took my first core fusion barre class with Katie but at the Chicago not the Boston location.

First thing that would come to mind might be, “Jess do you have a ballet bar at your apartment?”  I wish!  That would be pretty amazing!  But no-I do not.  My solution was to use a folding chair.

Core Fusion Barre at Home

I had to be careful on some of the moves not to push the chair too much and it was a little shorter than the bar, but I didn’t mind too much.  It did the trick!  The toughest part was when we had to sit up against the wall and either pull on or push against the bar.  My solution was to sit near a door and use the handle for one hand and a nearby water pipe that is exposed…probably not the best solution…but it worked!  I may have to find a new solution so I don’t mess up the water pipes or break the door handle!

Core Fusion Barre at Home 2

The class was very similar to my first class at Exhale with Katie in terms of some of the moves.  I was glad I went to an actual class with an instructor for my first time so that I had an idea of the proper form.  I know I still need some work but it made it a little easier when doing this workout at home.  During the class, my arms, legs and core were burning and I could almost feel my muscles transforming.  Six pack, strong hips, and nice arms-here I come!  I also got to break in my Blake Brody shoes a little more which was an added bonus.  Aren’t they cute?!

Blake Brody Shoes for Barre at Home

After stretching and showering, I headed over to Salonika for my hair cut.  Angie did my hair and was very sweet.  She offered me tea before we got started and said how nice my hair was.  Little did she know that I didn’t wash it after my workout-I wanted her to wash it!  Though…she probably did know and was being nice!  I had told Angie that I wanted a trim and to bring back my side bangs.  My bangs had grown out because it had been so long since I had gotten a haircut.  I think they did a pretty good job-what do you think?

Haircut Side Bangs

Are you good about scheduling hair cuts or do you prolong them like me?

I am terrible with scheduling hair appointments!  I might try to grow out my hair really long to cut it for Locks of Love .  I’m too chicken to cut my hair short, so it will have to get pretty long since they require the longest layer to be 10 inches!

What is your favorite at home workout?

I usually practice some yoga or work my abs at home.  I am definitely going to have to incorporate some more barre classes once my deals are up or if I’m in a time crunch.

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