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Yoga Everywhere

Posted Aug 13 2010 5:49am

When my alarm went off this morning at 5:45, I had every intention of going to a public park this morning for a quick run. When I looked outside it was pitch black. No bueno. Since I’m not such a fan of hotel workout facilities (claustrophobic much?) and had a good inkling that my boss would be there this morning, I opted for hotel room yoga.


I cued up Pandora on the Enya station and did about a 40 min practice. My body was actually super achy despite my long soak last night. Hotel beds are not my friend.

I really love Enya, but everytime I listen to that type of “inspiring” music, all the “oohs” and “aahs” make me feel like I’m about to go meet Mufasa or something.


Moo-fa-sa!! Say it again!!

Yes, I now quote DIsney movies on my blog. You’re welcome ;)

In 40 minutes, I managed to do some good stretching, lunges, and a quick balance series. It’s amazing how hard it is to pace yourself when you’re going solo. I really flew through all the poses.


My hotel room yoga sess totally made me thing of Healthy Ashley and All Over Yoga . In retrospect, this choice of workout was probably ideal. (1) I’m going to be sitting in a conference room all day and (2) Hubby and I are running a 10k on Sunday morning. My legs thank me.

Good thing I pulled off for those running socks yesterday


Since I am my mother’s daughter, I packed a cooler for my journey/breakfasts at the hotel.


So I happily dug in for breakfast this morning while watching the Today Show. (Dina Lohan, you should not be so snotty to Matt Lauer.)


This seemed like a much better idea when picking snacks. I ended up just mushing it up to get some juice…



Choani + blueberries + Bear Naked & Pom cut with ice :-D


and snacks!! There’s no way I’ll last through 5 hour sessions without something.

I’m off to a day of singing and talking child development. What could be better?

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