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Yoga Detox Flow with Seane Corn on Gaiam TV

Posted Sep 10 2012 6:55am

With the opportunity to have one sponsored post by Gaiam TV , I also am responsible for sharing tweets regarding some of the videos available on the site.  Because I find it silly to tweet about something but not actually try it or review it first, I will be posting my thoughts about the videos Gaiam TV would like to share.

One of the videos Gaiam TV is promoting is Seane Corn’s Detox flow yoga.

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About the Video

Seane starts with an intro of what her practice is-explaining that this form of yoga should help you naturally detox your body by improving respiration, circulation and digestion through flow through fluid and dynamic movement.

There are two sequences, the first 30 minute session is for the beginner and the 60 minute session is for the more advanced user. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I went with the beginner session to start.

In addition to two different levels, the video also has two different audio tracks. One of the tracks talks more about instruction and information related to detoxification and the second track guides you through the sequence with simple cues and more focus on the breath. Seane recommends you practice first with the instructional track first so I listened to her and did so!

My Thoughts

If you are one of those runners or athletes that say that yoga isn’t “intense” enough for you-this video is may not be for you and I will explain why.

This particular program is slow moving.  I did work up a sweat and got the muscles heated, but it is not like some of the other more fast paced yoga programs that I have tried that might be for those people who need a more “intense” yoga.

The audio track with instruction and information may be a little much for new yogis.  I remember when I first started to try yoga, I wasn’t really into some of the really spiritual talk and it took me a while to find the right instructor, studio, and type of yoga.  If you are like how I was, the way Seane describes the process may seem a little hokey to you in her informational track.

BUT do not write off this video just yet.  This video had many of the poses that I have done in other classes that I like.  And don’t listen to the informational audio track-listen to the instruction only track!  I find a lot of athletes neglect to stretch after their workout and don’t really pay attention until they get injured (*cough* me *cough*).  The half hour version of this video would be a perfect way to force yourself to get a good stretch in after a run.

I didn’t give the advanced class at try yet, but I’m assuming it probably has more difficult poses so you probably would want to do that as a standalone workout.  And what runner wants to do an hour workout after their run!

Food for thought

Seane talks about how to live a cleaner and more nourished life through this yoga program to support the body’s natural detoxification process.  But she doesn’t mention how ALL types of exercise can help detox the body.  I did some Googling and found an article on called “ How Does Exercise Help Detox? ” that explains that all types including walking, running, dancing, swimming, etc. help detox the body. explains that exercise helps with detox  because as you exericse, you breathe in more oxygen which means you help the cells do their job more efficiently, removing more toxins.

On top of that-if you are a runner…we all know that runners have pretty darn good BM which is a way to detox.  Why is there always such a long line at those porta potties?!  Should we call running “detox running”?


How do you feel about a certain exercise prefaced with “detox”?

Do you try to be opened minded with trying new workouts?  Do you try to see the pros and cons about them?


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