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yipee, skippee! run, run, run in the sun, sun, sun

Posted Jan 26 2011 12:00am
Today is a good day people!  I have so many fun things to talk about that I don't know where to start!  I'll talk run first...because...well, I never do, so I figure I'd better talk that first.  I made it outside today!  whoo hoo!  It was 30 degrees and it felt warm running!  I even took my gloves off halfway through because my hands were so warm.  Unfortunately, it was still icy.  I kept mostly to the neighborhood, weaving in and out of streets, but there was still ice (GRR).  I took it a little slower because of this.  I ended up doing 3.27 miles in 29.30.  Not amazing, but I'll take it. It felt good to be outside and not freezing my booty off!  I was happy overall.  I got in some miles and got to breathe in real air (none of that recycled garbage).

Ryan also ran today (he had the day off - I tell you, the guy NEVER works.  I kid, but really he gets a ridiculous amount of paid days off).  He ran 2 miles in 18 minutes and some change.  He told me I should be worried because he was catching up to me.  (I told him I wasn't that worried, even if I was).

Next on the list of my exciting things for today?  I found a race that I desperately want to do!  (I just have to convince Ryan we have the money to do it.  To be fair we have friends that live in Chicago and we could stay with them.  It's his BESTIE, so I say it's win-win right?)  Jess @ Blonde Ponytail  (that's the link to her site) compiled a list of new races (check out the list ASAP)  including this one:  fort2base .  There are two options: 11.5 miles or 3.45 miles in chi-town on September 11.  Umm...hello, my 1/2er is Oct 8... the 11.5 sounds like perfect prep for that race!  (Please tell Ryan you agree with this).  Also, you get a medal..and who doesn't love a medal?!

Plus, he really should see his bestie right?  Otherwise, we may not be able to go take stupid pics like this: That's our picture in the bean in millennium park...surprise, surprise, Ryan is making a goofy face. 
I only have until Jan 31 until the price goes up, so I have to be swift about convincing him we HAVE to do this!  Please help :)
We drove all the way to the other Sam's Club to get some goodies, including 24 bottles of my beloved IBC root beer.  I'm one happy lady!
You'll notice I have my hair in a braid.  Again.  That would be because I'm too lazy to actually do my hair and just braid it as soon as I get out of the shower.  Best solution ever for the lazy girl in me. 
And one more uber exciting thing about today?!  Someone wants to pay me to write about running!  Not much, (in fact, I'm not sure exactly how much) but still.  I applied the other day to be a contributing writer for the local running section on and got contacted today saying they want me!  whoop, whoop!  Topics can be about whatever (but should be more newsy than bloggy) as long as they are timely.  Think: upcoming events/races, classes/run groups, new items in local stores, stories involving local runners.  Whateva I want! (though I'm pretty sure I can't use the word 'whateva' hehe).   Those people are suckers smart for picking me :) friend, who is a local editor for another online news source, told me she wanted me to write a weekly summary of local deals in the area.  (You should know I was thisclose to starting a bargain blog, but realized I liked talking about myself too much).  She still has to discuss with the editors of neighboring cities, then she'll let me know.  IF (and this is a big if) I were given the opportunity, I'd be facing quite a quandary. The running gig suggests 3-4 articles a week and the pay isn't set in stone as to how much you'll make per article.  I'd have an actual amount and only do it once a week for the bargain thing.  (I love love love me some running...but I love me some bargains too).  Both could be potentially fun, but also time consuming.  That would mean I would be: nannying full time, working part time at the gym, babysitting at least once a week (usually much more), and writing, plus blogging.  I just don't know that I could do all that and fit in running.  So I'd have to pick one or the other.  I'm still going to start the on-boarding process for the running gig, but we'll see which avenue I take.  Either way?  I'm beyond stoked! 
Today deserves a happy dance!  No worries, I have a realllly old pic of me dancing to show you what a happy dance looks like.  (My hair is super short here, eek!)
Yup, that sufficiently counts as a Meg happy dance.  (Dorky?  Yes.  Great Dancer?  No way, dude).
So, I leave you with these questions:
-Who's in for the Fort2Base?  And how can I convince Ryan?
-What exciting things have happened to you recently?
-What does your happy dance look like?  (Better than mine I hope!)
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