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Yin with Ame Wren at Back Bay Yoga

Posted Nov 28 2012 6:30am

Yin  is a practice where you hold poses for longer periods of time versus yang which is the movement.  I read on  Yoga Journal  that Yin deals with more connective tissues like ligaments, tendons and fascia, as well as bones whereas yang deals with muscles.  Yin yoga is stretching connective tissue in order to strengthen it.  Because my injury has resulted in tight ligaments, tendons and fascia, this practice might be a perfect yin to the yang workouts that I’m currently doing!

I have practiced Yin yoga a few times on my own with the help of YogaGlo and MyYogaOnline but I have never been to a formal class.  I decided to change that. Last night I went to a Yin class with Ame Wren at Back Bay Yoga Studio .

I’ve been to a few of Ame’s vinyasa classes .  I love her vinyasa classes because she always will provide challenging poses for you to try, giving great instruction and even some humor to lighten the mood if you can’t do it!  Because I like Ame as an instructor, I thought a good intro to Yin would be with her.  I have yet to get a picture with her because it never really seems to be an appropriate time!  Next class with her I’ll have to introduce myself!

(Picture from Ame’s Facebook Page )

Last nights class started off with us laying face down with our hips on a bolster and blanket. Ame had warned that you may feel an uneasy sensation in your stomach but it’s ok. You were supposed to try to power through it, staying focused and calm.  I definitely felt that uneasy feeling in my stomach and I powered through it! We then moved to some other poses, one of which is one of my favorites-pigeon.  They all felt really good and I made sure not to push myself to get into the pose too far if I wasn’t ready for it.

We finished in shavasana on our backs. I felt so relaxed and wished I could magically be showered, in my pjs and in bed. My mind was clear, my hips were open, and my back felt elongated. Through my hip injury, I realized how bad sitting for 8 hours or more can be on your hips and back. This practice really helped release some tension from the day.

After the class, I realized how proud I was of myself.  I even smiled as I was walking to the T.  I know for a fact that of I had tried Yin yoga a year ago-I would have hated it. I realized how much patience I have grown and the ability to take a step back from the everyday stresses of life to fully decompress from the day.

This practice is not intense in that you will have worked up a sweat-it is intense in that you have to be able to hold these poses for such a long time and must grow patience. When I practice again, I will probably workout in some other way that day to get a good sweatfest in or practice yin on my off day.  But I think everyone needs a little yin and yang in their lives!

Tonight’s workout will be an jog, abs and yoga!  I am loving that I’m finally starting to push myself to jog more often! :)


Have you tried Yin yoga before?  Thoughts?

What do you do to forget about the stresses of your day?

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