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Posted Nov 14 2012 8:28pm
I know all six of my readers have been on pins and needles waiting for my report - did CrossFit keep me prepared for a half marathon?

The report is in...and yes...alarmingly, yes...CrossFit did make me completely and utterly prepared to run 13.1 miles.  In case you missed all the other posts - I ran about 30 miles all year long and did alot of CrossFit in preparation for this half-marathon....haha...who am I kidding?  I did nothing to prepare for the half, and only did CrossFit because it is so totally awesome and way better than just running on any day - even a sunny day where the temperature never gets above 70 degrees and the wind is always at my back.   Yep, CrossFit rocks more than that most perfect run.  But, I digress....

While I did have a small amount of knee pain that went as quickly as it came, muscular/skeletolly speaking, I never felt better.  My legs and my lungs were literally taking a jog around the park. (And for the record, "skeletolly" is not a word but it really should be).

Unfortunately, the other stupid things I did along the way almost ruined the whole race for me. 

For example
- I didn't look at the weather report prior to packing for the race.  This one should have been easy, but in all my non-preparation for this event, looking at the local weather report wasn't ever on my radar (no pun intended...I promise).  I brought long sleeves, gloves, a fleece, ear warmers, and long sleeves.  I mention the sleeves twice because by the time I finished the race it was nearly 80 degrees.  And I was in long sleeves.  Around mile 5,  I **almost** convinced myself that I was in good enough shape to run in just my bra.  Like I said, I **almost** had myself was cold in 2011, I just ASSUMED it would be cold again...

- Hydrate.  At least once.  Before mile 7.  Again, this should have been easy, but at some point between mile 4 and mile 6, I convinced myself that passing every water stop was a good idea.  It did not help at all that those miles were where all the crowds were...and that my watch had me clocking a sub-9 minute pace.  I really didn't want to stop the momentum.  Unfortunately, my lack of hydration caught up with me at mile 10 where I stopped. Dead. In. My. Tracks.  Hunched over....holding the aching cramp in my sternum...police and medical personnel staring me directly in the face.  Had they come over to check on me, I would have quit right then and there.  But, they never even asked if I needed assistance, so I dug DEEP and began a slow jog....trot...walk...method that I would continue for the next 3.1 miles. 

- Thinking that Pandora was a good option for music.   During my only two training runs for this event, I switched back and forth from the Missy Elliot station, to the "Call Me Maybe" station.  It got me through those two dreadful 12 mile I was certain it would get me through another dreadful 13.1 miles.  Except that either Verizon sucked, or my iPhone sucked because I got 3/4 of the way through "Call Me Maybe" during my first mile and then heard dead silence for another 4 miles.  Dead silence.  For another 4 miles.  Then I got 4.5 miles of Missy Elliot...and the rest of the race...dead. silence.  It was miserable. 

I a respectable time and much faster than my 2011 time.  Had I not made those elementary mistakes above, I would have been much happier with my time.  And, had it not been for CrossFit, I would have never made it beyond mile 2.  I'm pretty sure of that.

So, thank you CrossFit for making me stronger and happier than I ever thought I could be.  And thank you to the police and medical personnel at mile 10 for not helping me - because had you been doing your job, I probably would have been carted back to the race start in the back of an ambulance.

On to next year....

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