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WrightSock Running Socks Kept My Feet Blister Free

Posted Jan 24 2010 10:32am

A few months ago, the Wrightsock running sock company sent me 5 pairs of socks to evaluate. I’ve been using them during my workouts and have been satisfied. They are definitely good, high quality socks.wrightsocks

I haven’t written about them before today because the truth is, I didn’t have much interesting to say. They worked just as well as any other pair of socks I wore. When it comes right down to it, I’ve never had many problems with socks. Cotton socks have worked just fine.

Although the cotton socks have been fine, there are also a couple of significant drawbacks.

1. Soak up water - No matter what, cotton socks get wet when you work out. They absorb your sweat and get heavier. This isn’t a big deal for short runs but when you’re going 10, 15 or more miles, the extra weight makes running harder.

2. Blisters - The second problem with water absorption of with cotton running socks is that it helps promote blisters. I rarely get blisters from running but when I do, I’m wear cotton socks that are completely drenched.

3. Holes - Perhaps the thing I hate most about my cotton socks is that they get holes in the toes. After 3 or 4 wearings, there’s always a hole that develops right where my big toe goes. It is annoying and distracting to have your toes sticking through your socks when running. I don’t like to throw things out so, I’ve sewed the holes but these don’t feel right either.

Despite the drawbacks to cotton socks, I haven’t been motivated enough to find other options. It always seemed to me that “running socks” were just some marketing gimmick. A new package for the same old thing. However, after my recent Frozen Otter Ultra Marathon, I have to reconsider my position.  During this race, Wrightsocks kept my feet dry, warm and blister free.

The 32+ mile race was done on snow covered trails.  I was wearing an old pair of Mizuno running shoes and figured I needed two pair of socks to keep my feet warm.  Closest to my feet were the Wrightones SLX Delux socks.  They are made of Dri-WRIGHT polyester, Nylon and Lycra.  The large size was a bit small for my 11.5 sized feet, but it didn’t bother me too much.  Above these socks, I wore an old pair of cotton Hanes socks.

After 10 hours of joggling up and down snow-covered trails, I took off my socks figuring I’d see terrible blisters.  To my surprise, while the outer socks were drenched, my feet were still fairly dry.  They didn’t “prune” up like my hands did wearing wet gloves.  In fact, my feet were in great condition!  I was amazed.

If you are going to do long runs or trail runs, then Wrightsocks could be a good option for you.  They will keep your feet dry, blister free and remain hole-free for at least a half-dozen wearings.

Nice job Wrightsocks!

And if you are interested in trying a pair for yourself, click on this Wrightsock SLX Performance Sock Amazon affiliate link to get your own.

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