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Wow it's Thursday?!?

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:39pm
This "recovery" week has just flown right on by... I'm more exhausted then typical thanks to some hefty delays to and from Dallas. Also this weeks cross-training felt more difficult than normal but that could be because I haven't done any sort of weights, stationary bike, or elliptical machine for over 2 weeks. But I have to say it felt awesome to use the other muscles!

This week I rand 12 miles on Tuesday before catching my flight to Dallas (chafed and not a fun 2 hour flight in the last row of the plane - yuck) and 9 miles with 4 LT at a 15K pace (8:20 - 8:40). For some reason I thought it would be okay to head out around nearly 10 am for the 12 miles on Tuesday. Oh, that did not feel so good. Not sure what I was thinking?!? But I did it at a much slower pace than expected, but it got done.

Today, I was sooooooooooo not feeling the 9 miles today or any sort of exercise at all. I put it off all day. The morning rain, then the afternoon heat, finally I went out in humid and windy - not ideal but it so rarely is ideal weather in August. I decided to go out 3 easy, then 4 at tempo, and 2 mile cool down. The first 3 miles really hurt. I just kept telling myself I was shaking all the soreness/lactic acid loose and my legs were just holding back from what they really wanted to do. Thinking positive thoughts! I guess it worked. My legs ended up feeling great although I seemed to be struggling for air more than normal. Here's how the 4 at LT went down...

1: 8:38
2: 8:36
3: 8:29
4: 8:21

Woohoo negative splits! I had to stop between 3-4 to fix my waist band water bottle holder and take in some fluids but other than that much better than expected. Plus my cool down 2 miles were faster than expected.

Have you ever felt like you were running super slow then you looked at the garmin and you were running nearly race pace? It's a rarity for me but that was how my last 2 miles went. I started to go with it and the last mile felt amazing!

2 runs left this week, 5 recovery and a 16 mile long run both very doable. And the weather appears to be cooperative this weekend, high in the low 70's!
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