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Would you love me even if......?

Posted Jan 27 2011 10:45am
Have you ever played the "would you love me if...." game with your significant other?

Yesterday, hubby and I watched episode 2 of the A&E show Heavy . The man on this episode weighed in at around 555lbs at the start. Michael turns to me and asks "would you love me if I weighed 555lbs?"

I never would have started dating him if he weighed 555lbs. But say he ballooned up to 555lbs in several years... hmmm...

Last night we made brownies. I was good and just had a small piece but easily could have eaten more.

This morning hubby and I slept in until 5am. Lucky us! He had a battalion run or something this morning at 6am where he got to be the guy yelling the cadences (or whatever that is called when one dude yells stuff and the rest repeat it). I gave him some ideas on what to yell but he said my ideas would get him in trouble.

Today marks the 15th day in a row I have run at least 3 miles. I decided to keep my little streak going and put in just over 3 miles followd by a quick 17 minute Insanity ab workout that got my heart rate up and little beads of sweat forming.

 I felt tired this morning running.

Have you ever tried any of the Beachbody workouts?
I used to do Insanity quite regularly and then stopped a few months back. I should get back into it because I really saw results with this program. I have always been curious about p90x as well.

I still don't know what I'm doing this weekend in terms of races. I'll just see how I feel come Saturday morning.
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