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Worst Winter Workout Gear: the offenders.

Posted Nov 08 2010 6:59am
Here they are, the finalists (i.e. everyone who entered) for the great " worst winter workout gear " giveaway hosted by Outside PR and Run Faster Mommy!

Quite frankly, I'd give them all some gear if I could for these pictures! But We can only have one help them out! Check out the entries listed below (in no particular order, other than the order I dug them out of my email inbox) and cast your vote by leaving a comment below with the number you wish to vote for. One vote per person please! Voting ends Sunday night 11/14/10 at 11:59 EST.

Thank you again to Outside PR, Sugoi, Ryders eyewear, Road ID, and GU energy for sponosoring this giveaway!

And without further ado, the photos and their captions, written by the contestants

Contestant #1: I can see the newspaper headline now: "Fat ninja prowls suburban neighbourhoods for duct tape." The good thing about the ninja mask is that it hides the double chin. I am smiling in this picture though

Contestant #2: Please notice the ripped hat, the 1988 sweatshirt (no is 22 years old), and the "holey" tights.

Contestant #3: This is actually my tennis gear but not very functional at all. ha ha... We don't get all that much cold weather in Atlanta so last winter was unusual and yes, we play outdoors year round! Before I go on the court, I lose the blanket. At some point, I also shed the down jacket under which I have 2 more jackets which limits the arm movement.

Contestant #4: This is a picture from my second race ever, which was this past February. I am now training for my first half!! (The Indy 500 Festival this May - sooooo excited!) I have to train a lot in early morning runs & brrrrrr am I already cold. It's going to be a long winter in Michigan.

Contestant #5: The picture is from this morning. I was heading to meet my running group at 5:30 am. It was 35 degrees and freezing! I have on a running t-shirt, arm sleeves, and a long sleeve cotton t-shirt on top. I am wearing a Bondi Band to cover my ears and $1 gloves to keep my hands warm. Because I started running in May, I don't have any winter running gear...except my Walmart running tights. I don't have any long sleeve running shirts, or under armor, or a running jacket. I could definitely use help in this area. :)

Contestant #6: There once was a girl named Sara who lived in rural Oklahoma and had an addiction to running. This addiction was so strong that the threat of freezing to death, being shot by a hunter or slipping on ice couldn't’t keep her from running. As the mother of two small children she tended to spend her money on the kiddos rather than running apparel so she was forced to work with what she had. Her winter running gear was comprised of green wool socks, black Capri yoga tights (which are tucked into the socks), an old sweatshirt, $1 glove's from Wally World, a black headband that is the same one she wears when she washes her face (read: not an actual headband made for covering ears) and a BRIGHT orange hunting vest. The hunting vest is for safety, see Sara’s husband worries about her being mistaken for a deer so he insist she wears her bright orange during runs if it’s hunting season. She is obviously in DESPERATE need for winter workout clothes!

Contestant #7: Here is my photo for my worst winter workout gear. The gear itself if fine, FOR SKIING, not running. Aside from this jacket, the only thing I have that is waterproof is a really old asics jacket that the elastic is pretty well blown out and the hood won't stay up. It is also not nearly as warm. The ski shell was very loud and crinkly, and has no stretch at all

Contestant #8 : Usually I go out in whatever assortment of things I can find around the house that my children haven't A) Borrowed and/or B) Lost. That explains why I am wearing mismatched tiny little stretchy knit gloves in both of these photos. Not only are my one pair of decent running gloves long gone, but the kids seem to lose one out of each pair of knit gloves as well. Those blue running tights are my husband's from 1997, bought at the expo to the Portland marathon. I keep hoping they will hold out another season

Contestant #9: I hate being cold, and usually end up overdressing. This hat is hideous, but keeps me toasty warm on the coldest days. It would be great to have something that keeps me just as warm without looking like a bank robber!

Contestant #10: My picture is basically a funny dramatization of what I feel like i've been doing with my running outfits since the colder weather started. I'm a broke college student putting all my expendable funds towards classes and books, that there is hardly ever anything left for some solid running gear! However, since I can't function without running I've been layering up with all my different kinds of workout gear (some of it even cotton, yuck), just to keep the wind from burning my skin. I'm looking to greatly improve my distance running and abilities overall this winter, and some running gear that will keep my body from freezing will help me spend all the time I want/need on the roads and trails! :)

Contestant #11: While I have the luxury of running in my garage, and out of the elements, I still have to endure freezing temperatures, as our garage is NOT insulated. I have no pants, only these capris, and no jacket, only this hoodie. I have such a sparse collection of workout clothes because I've lost 24 pounds in the last 17 months and these are all I've been able to afford so far

Good luck ladies, and thank you for entering! Wishing you warm winter running vibes, and minimal chafing from all of that cotton! haha!
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