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Worst Runbassador Ever…and a Winner!!

Posted Jul 28 2013 11:18pm

As a #Runbassador I feel like a failure tonight because I totally missed out on #RunChat!  Total FAIL!


I completely was going to join in on the fun… see… #PROOF:


But then I got sidetracked by family stuff… family totally takes priority… I completely understand if my high elite status as Runbassador gets revoked though… ;)
Anyways… I’m sure I’m not the only one that missed #RunChat tonight… so for your sake… and mine… here are the questions with my answers! Feel free to join in by commenting with your answers below this post!!


Q1: What do you do consistently to help keep your legs fresh? (foam roll, compression, ice bath?)
A1: I stretch, foam roll, use a stick, and compress!!

Q2: Okay, if you were stranded on an island, what 3 items of running gear would you have with you?
A2: My Ipod, Garmin, and Nuun!! Gotta stay hydrated! I wouldn't need shoes... I'd become a barefoot runner! ;)

Q3: What's your favorite cross training activity? How often do you do it?
A3: At the moment... I like Jackie Warner's 30 Day Fast Start and I do it 2-3 times a week.

Q4: What's your highest weekly mileage for a half or marathon? How many days are non-running days?
A4: I haven't trained for one in a few years... but lets just say... not enough and too many ;)

Q5: Thanks to @110playharder for sponsoring ‪#‎runchat‬. What running products are still unknown to you that you want to try?
A5: Vibram Five Fingers... and Injinji socks... I think the socks would cut down on blisters and lost toenails and the V5Fs just look fun ;)

#Runchat Brag: I became a Fit Approach‪ #‎SweatPinkAmbassador‬!! So excited to join an awesome community!!

What are your answers to tonight’s RunChat?

What’s your brag from this week? (PR? Planked Everyday?..)


The FrogFuel Giveaway Winner is…



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