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Worst Race Ever!!!

Posted Nov 19 2012 12:22pm

Saturday morning, my alarm goes off at 5:30, I jump out of bed and are super excited about the Zombie Race I would be running today.

The website promised a 5K Zombie infested obstacle mud run.  The goal: get through the course uninfected.  Each runner was to wear four flags, if all your flags were pulled by the finish line you became infected.

The run was hour and half away, I pick Greg (my running buddy) at 6 and we head to Mobile.

When we first arrived at the race site there were about 5 cars in the parking lot.  This was the first sign things were not right.  I tried calling the number on the website, no answer.  Finally at 8:15 someone answers the phone.  (The race is suppose to begin at 9:00).  I ask him if I am at the right location?  There are only about 10 cars in the parking lot at this point.  He said, “The race does not start till 9:00.”  About the same time the race coordinators, all three of them begin to show up.

Greg and I walk to the registration table to pick up our race bibs and race packets.  We did receive a race bib though it was from the Azalea Trail Run 2008?  We did not receive a race packet.  Oh well I thought no big deal.  I usually throw all that stuff away anyway.


I then ask the lady where the restrooms are.  She points to the woods.  You have got to be kidding me, right?  She then tells me I can drive to the Burger King or Dollar Store up the road.  Wow!

They do not have any water or snacks for the runners, but they did have plenty of energy drinks that were never offered.

At 9:30 they begin cutting the “flags” for the run.  Most people at this point are getting a little peeved.  Luckily there are only 30 runners so this did not take forever.  The coordinators then announce they have decided to move the bands to a local bar and asked if everyone is 21.  One of the local High School Cross Country Teams was there.  Now these kids that paid the entry fee with their own money will not get to see the bands.

Finally after standing around, they begin race at 10:15.  They decided to run us in three waves.  The first wave comes out of the woods 15 minutes later the dad of the cross country team does not look happy. 

Now it is time for our turn.  We set off into the woods.  The first obstacle about 6 tires lined up.  Well that was easy.  The first Zombie a big guy that stood in the middle of the trail, crap he grab my flag as Greg and I went on either side of him.  Second obstacle; an over/under made with the same  tape as our flags with a Zombie on his cell phone sitting down,  Ok hopefully this is getting better.  We passed another Zombie smoking off the trail.  You have got to be kidding me, right.

The last obstacle, yes you heard that right, eight hale bales stacked up with a Zombie behind it.  The people on the race course told the the small group of four we were running to turn that the other group ran the wrong way.  We turn ran into a dead end, ran back, they told us we had to run back the way we came.  This went on for about 5 minutes before we finally went straight. 

As there was not a finish line or timer I think it took us a whole of 15 minutes to run the course.  I am pretty sure I can not run 3 miles in 15 minutes.

I have never been so disappointed.  Where were the obstacles, the zombies chasing you, the MUD that the website promised.  Where was the live music, etc.  My parents even drove all the way from Orange Beach to watch us run!  Dad did get a shoot of Greg and I in the woods, although it is blurry.  Do not be fooled the lady in the back ground is not a zombie but my mom. 


Here is the link to the website:

Runners beware, they plan on having this run in Mississippi in three months, then in Florida.

I have sent emails to Palmers Airport Toyota and Guitar Center, the two main sponsors of this event.  I have also contacted the Autism Society, which who the run was to benefit, to make sure they receive the funds from the run.  I also contacted who sent me an email regarding the race and I signed up through.


Greg and I after the run.  Yep, no mud! 

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