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Working on 5K Training Program

Posted Feb 20 2010 7:46am

5K Running Dog Program Wow, this has been really fun to say the least.

As a dog trainer over the years I have found the number one reason dogs have behaviorial problems is due to lack of exercise and direction.

Hmmm... interestingly enough last night as I was working with some of my blogger gurus and someone stated, "Wow, I'm amazed at how much the things you talk about doing with dogs to improve there well being are really much the same as people need to do."

Yep.  So true.

Anyway, I've developed a 5K Running Dog Program that has taken off much bigger than I expected.  And now the bits of work come in to make the program perfected for easy access, user friendly content.

It's fun.  I'm moving the program straight to my site and making it much easier for anyone to starte today and implement.

Lots fun things for everyone on the site to access... for instance check out:

Running with Dogs: iPhone Apps

Have a great weekend... we're headed out to run with our own dogs!




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