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Work Out Challenge

Posted Dec 16 2010 10:13pm


I’m still snowed in from Sunday’s big snow fall. I’m finally got to the gym for the first time since being home. It felt so good to just sweat. (Side Note: I got a one month gym membership for $30…was I cheated or is this decent?)

My mom told me I am much more pleasant to be around when I work out. It’s true. So what happens around the holidays is that you get busy, stop working out, feel forced into going to parties you don’t want to go to, have to deal with family you see once a year, eat the “But it’s only around during Christmas!!” foods, and then squeeze into your New Year’s Eve outfit claiming it’s only tight because it was just in the dryer.

To combat this, I signed up for Heather from Body FM ‘s Fitness Challenge. She is a certified personal trainer (and a fellow Wolverine) so she knows her sh*t. You can find out about it here  but there are some quick points:

You do have to send in your starting weight and (unless you really don’t want to) a Before/After pic. 

You do have to invest a little. You can either buy a shake nutritional thing, some workout DVDs (like P90X or Insanity), or send some money in. You have to email Heather for the complete details, but the point is that people care more when they invest money.

You commit to at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day (your walk to work doesn’t count, but things like yoga, walking on the track, do).

There are prizes to be won, muscles to be toned, and weight to be lost. It starts after the holidays, so if you’re interested shoot an email to Heather (hguith at gmail dot com).  She’s more than willing to work with you!

I’ve had a renewed sense of I love working out and eating well! in the last couple of weeks, so I’m excited to keep this going. I also have 4 flights planned and a conference to attend, so I’m sure I’ll be challenged (but stubborn enough to complete it!). I actually did a virtual challenge last holiday season and I was so worried about disappointing the team I was on that I always made it to the gym! Even if Body FM’s isn’t for you, I encourage you to try a challenge!

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