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Work Break Holiday

Posted Dec 01 2008 12:00am

‘Twas a few days before Christmas, and all through the office, not a keyboard is typing, not even the boss’s. The cookies are placed, around the kitchen with care, but not for long, once the workers find out they are there. Everyone is laughing and the halls fill with chatter, no one is working, does it really even matter?

I’m starting to think that most offices should just close down for the week of Christmas. We can use the example of mine. Half of my unit is out on vacation. More than half of my outside contacts (who I would need to work with) are out on vacation. No one seems to have any motivation. No one wants to start new projects because they will be leaving soon, and everyone is on some kind of a sugar high! Now I know that it might not be the most realistic thing to close the office for a week, or even better two, but productivity has to be WAY down right now. I really believe that it is in the best interest of the office to go ahead and close. I realize that some offices would be easier to close than others, but those that could, should. Just think of a world where all of the offices closed down for a two week Holiday Break. The economy would be booming because we would be out buying things, going out to eat, having a few too many overpriced eggnogs at the local pub, and catching a few of the holiday time movies. If McCain can suggest a ‘gas tax holiday,’ why can’t we have a ‘work break holiday?’

You heard it first; The Hay Say is calling for a ‘Work Break Holiday.’ I really think I’m on to something. Anyone agree?

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