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Wonder What I Was Thinking Wednesday

Posted Oct 03 2012 1:39pm
I have been seeing on the weather for about a week or so now that Wednesday we are supposed to get chilly temps and the possibility of rain and snow.  I was elated.  Excited.  Enthusiastic! Ecstatic!

I couldn't wait for today to get here so that I could get bundled up and go for a run.  In the chilly air.

I woke up to no snow first thing in the morning 43 degrees and a little bit of wind.  Pretty soon it started raining, temps started falling and then it was sleeting.  By the time I got ready for my run it was 29 degrees out, windy, and snowing!


I dropped off my daughter to play with her cousins and headed out.

My sunglasses fogged up.

I couldn't run without them as the snow was blowing right into my eyes.

If I put my baclava down my nose froze, put it up glasses fogged over.

Pretty soon all the cold wet snow blowing on my forehead gave me an ice cream type headache.  You know the one you get from eating ice cream too fast.

Half a mile in I realized, this was not what I had envisioned.  Snow...yes.  Cold...yes.  Wind with wet cold snow, not being able to see and an ice cream headache..NO!

I wussed out.  I turned around and ran home blindly in the driving snow.  I stripped out of my layers, into some shorts and hopped on the elliptical.
and this was only after a mile.

I would have been fine with just the wind or just the heavy wet snow, but the combination of the two was kicking my mood about running in the cold and snow right into the ditch and piling manure on it.

My flowers, which have been flourishing, finally, weren't so impressed with the snow.

My daughter was so excited to go out and make a snow ball.  She wanted me to take a picture of it, but then she dropped it right before I took the picture.

well, I am over the whole snow thing, good thing the weather is supposed to be nice again this weekend.  Hard to believe two days ago I was running like this

I just had the best running day of the year Monday, I guess I couldn't expect perfect winter weather today too.

What is your favorite thing about winter running?
I like it when it is sunny and in the mid to low thirties.  Snow on the ground and hardly any wind. Not like today.
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