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Posted Jan 15 2009 11:44pm
Bill Ramsey / Orange County Register photo

With the San Diego 100 miler only nine days away, I've been collecting a lot of advice from veteran ultra-runners like Leigh Corbin and Bill Ramsey, via Coach Charlie and in direct emails from these amazing, and amazingly nice, ultra-runners.

First, I want to say I am bummed that a leg injury has forced Chaz to sit this one out. Being a smart runner, he knows not to risk health for glory. He will have his chance soon. No race is worth risking serious injury. Chaz, I hope you feel better. I'll be thinking of you chilling at home while I suffer on the trails, you dweeb. Heh heh.

Here are some various nuggets of wisdom and practical advice from Bill, Leigh and others for first-time 100-milers:

Leigh Corbin

* Focus on the positive. Your mantra should be, "I'm ready
and I'm strong."

* Relaxing and finding an easy, comfortable stride early is important.

* Maintaining focus, managing discomfort, and keeping moving are

* When negative thoughts creep in, chase them away with something positive.

* Try No-Doze or some form of serious caffeine during miles 70 and beyond.

* Don't eat or drink anything new during the run.

* Change your socks at least twice.

* Just remember, you only have to make it to the next aid station. And then the next.

* Run with a purpose and keep moving, but don't start pushing the pace until after Mile 50.

* Do not hang out at the aid stations any longer than you have to.

* Slam an Ensure or a Boost over ice in the late stages of the race if you can't keep down food.

* Use Desitin diaper ointment in sensitive spots.

* Drink at least every 10 minutes throughout the run.

* When it hurts so bad and you wonder if it could get even won't.

These and others thoughts will be swirling around my head when the "GO" is sounded around 6 a.m. on Saturday, June 7 on some dusty trail in San Diego County.
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