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Winter Joggling around the city

Posted Feb 17 2013 3:43pm

I’m planning to do 4 marathons this year and it looks like the first one is going to be the Flying Pig marathon in May in Cincinnati. That means weekend long runs.

One of the biggest challenges of a weekend long run is generating the motivation to get started. This morning I looked at the Blackhawks Running temperature and it was a brisk 10F here in Chicago. I did not feel like going. However, I never let how I feel dictate whether I go for a run or not. This is the key to sticking with a training program. So, I put on my for layers of shirts, three layers of shorts, two layers of gloves, a headband, a hat and picked up my joggling Gballz. While it took a few seconds to write that sentence, it actually took 45 minutes to get dressed and motivated.

Never let feelings dictate whether you go running or not

Today, seemed like a good day to go 13 miles or more so that was my plan. I have a standard 13 mile run which takes me east on North Avenue to the lake then along the path to the totem pole at Recreational Drive. However, I’ve run most of the path literally hundreds of times and needed a little variety to spice up my run. So I decided to go for a tour of Chicago.

My path took me along North Avenue to Damen. I started running south and turned by the United Center where the Chicago Blackhawks and Bulls play. I stopped and took a couple pictures of things that I found interesting like the stadium and a statue. One nice thing about a long run is I don’t think too much about speed. Chicago Joggling Roosevelt road

Long running is more about time on your feet than speed.

While joggling, an episode of This American Life played in my right ear. I keep my left ear headphone free so I can hear any approaching dangers. The episode was about gun violence in Chicago public schools and it did get me thinking more than a few times about the wisdom of running on the southwest side of Chicago by myself. Fortunately, there weren’t any problems.

Ultimately, I was intent on joggling to Cellular One Field where the White Sox play. Then I would come back along the lake passed Soldier Field, the Shed Aquarium, Field Museum, and then through the city to home. I run south on Canal street where I found the old Maxwell Street market. Here you find vendors set up selling all kinds of things from food to power tools to cosmetics to electronic devices. It’s an interesting part of historical Chicago.

I joggled east on Roosevelt road where I discovered a few interesting statues on the bridge over the Chicago river. I took a photo of one that featured a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Stegosaurus and a Wooly Mammouth on top of a planet. It’s fun to take photos.

My next destination was going to be Chinatown but was unable to find it. Instead, I joggled passed McCormick Place and headed Maxwell street market towards White Sox Park. But my run was cut short by a phone call from my wife. She urgently needed me to come home so I quickly found a cab and came home. My total run was only 8.5 miles but it felt good. There is so much to see in this city that there is no reason long runs should ever be boring. I’ll have to make up the miles at another time but today’s run was a fun one.

I love joggling and exploring. Especially on a sunny Chicago day.

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