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Winning...and not winning

Posted Nov 17 2012 9:39am
On the winning side of things...

The verdict has spoken, and it looks like the random winner of the Caitlin Chock " get chicking " tee giveaway is

Donna who blogs over at  Tales of Roads & Trails

Congrats Donna ! Shoot me an email at with your mailing address and size and it'll get your info over to Caitlin .
For those of you who didn't win, you can still buy her " get chicking " tee in time for the holidays to spoil all those speedy ladies in your life.
Not to mention that next Saturday is indeed Small Business Saturday, and well...Ms. Caitlin DOES run a small independently operated business. So go on over and support the heck out of this creative gal even if this makes SBS take on a whole new meaning.
On the NOT winning side of things...
Tomorrow I'm running an impromptu 5k tune-up race that the running store I work for is helping support. That means within 5 calendar days I'll be running DOS 5k's, which is a bit crazy for me. I'm no where near the 5k shape I was in last time around , even though I wasn't really that prepared than either. It would be safe to say that expectations are nonexistent.
Shoot, and I thought I was out of shape than
Time has really showed me

Initially I thought that I'd be able to head into the Turkey Trot season with sharp speedy legs, but things have decided to play out quite a bit differently than I expected. I've been having this lagging pain in my left foot that is making me quite insane and has had me taking reservations with any type of focused training. About 6 years ago I did some pretty hefty damage to my foot where I had a tendinitis issue that never seemed to fully heal and has left quite a bit of scar tissue on the top of the foot, I dub this foot my "sausage foot" because when it swells it looks rather sausage like. Very ladylike looking in a cute flat or pump.
Even with the scar tissue, I haven't had any pains relating to this injury or in this area of my body since 2008 until the day after the Chicago Half in September. Than I chalked it up to the race being on LSD where the legs just had a hard time absorbing the hard concrete surface and just not being on the top of my game race-wise. The minor flare up seemed to keep itself in check through the marathon where with the week off afterwards seemed to fix itself. But in the past few weeks the foot has had good days and bad days where sometimes I have very limited mobility of it and random intense waves of pain (last Saturday being a prime example), and other times it feels like a normal non-sausage-like foot should (like today).
Staying clear from any and all types of speed work necessary to earn a wicked fast 5k split lately and going for record all time lows in the mileage category, I hope to get this fickle foot in check sometime before the new year. But in the mean time that means that those two 5k's are going to be light years away from where I initially hoped they would be, and I'm feeling pretty good about that.
There will be no watch worn. No pace expectation. No goal time to race for.
Photo taken this July by the amazing local endurance athlete photographer  Ali Engin
This determined gal will most likely be no where in sight for sometime
Looking forward to her return in the future, whenever that may be
Just my wheezing breath and my fumbling legs enjoying being out there and than rest. Lots and lots of rest.
Who else is Turkey Trotting? What races?

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